panama city beach transportationBus System’s Integration Makes Route Planning a Breeze for Riders 

[Panama City, Fla.] – Representatives from Bay Town Trolley announced the launch of a system-wide virtual trip planner. Users can enter their starting and ending destinations and receive detailed directions, including nearest bus stop location, route transfer information and total estimated travel time. The trip planner is accessible at and fully integrates with mobile devices, making planning routes while on-the-go convenient.


“Bay Town Trolley is committed to constantly improving customer experiences,” said Panama City Commissioner Mike Nichols, Chairman of the Bay County Transportation Planning Organization. “We feel this latest feature is one way for us to enhance our service offering, making trip-planning easier for all customers.”


In addition to helping those already familiar with Bay Town Trolley’s routes and schedules, the new trip planning software will also benefit potential riders, including visitors to the area. Because the trip planner is integrated with Google and Bing Maps, users can simply enter the name of a location, eliminating the need for a specific street address.


The process of integrating with online partners was part of a project with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to produce General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data for selected transit agencies in Florida. This seamless integration required Bay Town Trolley to provide Google and Bing with a wealth of data about the system, including the GPS coordinates for all stops. Additionally, the system had to convert the route, timetables and stop locations for all ten routes into the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format, used by transit agencies around the world to share system information and schedules.


“In this day and age, having information easily accessible and at the push of a button is critical,” said Angela Bradley, Transit Systems Administrator for the Bay County Board of County Commissioners. “Gathering the data and putting it in an easily-accessibly format for our online partners was certainly a large undertaking, but Bay Town Trolley is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our riders.”


For more information about Bay Town Trolley’s routes or to use the new trip planning feature, visit or contact Angela Bradley at 850-785-0808.

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