If you follow Panama City Beach you know that this is the time of year when hundreds of thousands of college students come down and party it up for a week.  Love it or hate it, the decades long tradition brings young people here and introduce them to the beauty of these beaches.  Many return after graduation for a more mellow vacation and bring their families here year after year.

Marketing companies who are interested in getting in front of large numbers of future high earners are smart to get involved with the craziness here in Panama City Beach.  Though it may seem to locals that these young people are only interested in partying, we should remember that these young adults have many interests and needs when they return to the campus.

One beverage company, Vitamin Fizz (Minerco Resources is the parent company) is grabbing the opportunity!  They’ve partnered with Student City as a sponsor and have just unloaded a truckload of their product at Laketown Wharf to share with the students there.



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IMG_1724 6


The plan is for the drinks to be available at each of the parties that are put on by Student City and many VIP guests, students who were able to influence many of their friends to make the trip, will get it by the case load.  The next group of students checking in on Saturday will be given a bottle to drink when they arrive.  There are also large banners replicating the bottles which will be placed up and down the beach.

The product is still not in stores throughout the US at this point.  They launched first in New York and then Southern California and Las Vegas.  They are also available on Amazon.  So, it’s pretty exciting to be a part of this campaign here in the panhandle.  As I sip my Mango Orange Fizz I wonder just how long it will be before I can purchase some at Publix.

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