Wednesday we were lucky enough to join Gulf World Marine Park and their non profit organization, Gulf World Marine Institute, on one of their turtle release events. It was a first for me, but I had the day free and a friend who was happy to join me so we made the trip out past Tyndall Air Force Base to see these awesome creatures go back to their habitats.

The turtles were wild, not raised in captivity. The were discovered injured (in one case, four fishing hooks in its flesh) and brought in to be cared for and rehabilitated. It was amazing to see them go back to their homes.

2014-08-06 14.11.19

2014-08-06 14.11.02

2014-08-06 14.16.40


2014-08-06 14.18.25


2014-08-06 14.19.55

2014-08-06 14.20.54

2014-08-06 14.20.58

2014-08-06 14.32.07

2014-08-06 14.34.36


If you are interested in attending the next release, be sure to follow the Gulf World Marine Park Facebook page.  They provide the information a day ahead.

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